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Sci-Fi • Comedy

Storytelling in the Anthropocene 

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by: Artificial Intelligence

As we love all things science and future, we thought why not have AI write our company bio. This is what the algorithm has to say:

When we started Quist Media, we were looking for a way to provide levity in a chaotic and unpredictable world. We believe you can never have too many science-fiction comedies, and we think that an outstanding sci-fi comedy is absolutely essential to making it through the times we live in. We hope that when you consume our content you'll leave feeling like you've been transported to a new place and time… even if just for just the night.

We got our start in 2011 when we had an idea for a film about robots who are programmed to love humans, but after the apocalypse, they're the only ones left (and they're not sure how they feel about it). While that project was developing another was funded by movie enthusiasts who love movie making, and their backing helped us get started with production. At Quist Media we write, direct, and produce regularly, with dozens of hours of original content under our belt.

From documentaries about people who live in spaceships to web series about unconventional relationships with lunar robots —and we never stop seeking out new stories to tell with an offbeat twist.

Imagine a world where robots and AI have taken over nearly every aspect of life and the human race is struggling to keep its head above water. Now imagine that world with a lot more laughs and a happy ending. That's what we've set out to do at Quist Media. 

We hope you enjoy our work as much as we do making it!

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Fairbanks • New York • Los Angeles

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